Commercial carpet cleaning

Availing Commercial carpet cleaning services is a sheer necessity at Offices if a business wants to look professional and wants to keep the office facilities pristine. Although they may have similar techniques with their residential counterparts, it has an outfit that precisely serves offices/companies and the underlying sanitizing process has a very different approach.

The Necessity of Hiring Commercial Carpet Cleaners
Time crunch can prohibit one to sway away from the “do-it myself” motive. The accumulation of dirt, grime, dust, food particles, pet stains, odour and soil over the carpet and floor rugs is a predominant problem amongst most domestic and commercial carpet users.

Such deep-rooted grime settling over the days could be a breeding ground for mites, germs and allergens – most of which could be potential threats to your kids and even house adults.

The need for Professional and commercial carpet cleaners is therefore necessary to eradicate particles from your living-room and office carpets.

Features and Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • It increases your facility’s hygienic environment, improving your company’s image, floor care and safety.
  • It can save a lot of investment by prolonging the carpet life and saving you from unnecessary expenditure.
  • Significant improvement in Air quality after the floor carpets are cleaned of dust and dirt.

    Commercial Cleaning Techniques:

    Bonnet Cleaning – It is a method of low skill, but fruitful for reasonable short-term results. It is quick and makes improvement visually by surface cleaning.
    Dry Powder carpet cleaning – It requires low-moisture powder that is brushed on the carpet surface. The cleaning powder absorbs soil and dust particles from the carpet. The powder is let to dry and thereafter vacuumed away.
    Low Moisture carpet cleaning – This cleaning application summarizes polymer based technique. This includes brushing and grooming of the carpet pile. In this method, because of the less use of water, the carpets dry quickly.
    Hot Water Extraction – The hot water extraction process works by heating up water within a machine to a certain temperature and then adds detergent or other cleaning material along with it and then spraying the same on the carpet. The mixture of hot water and detergent is able to remove stain and grime off the carpet quite effectively. Once the job is done, the machine again extracts the mixture of hot water and detergent, now containing the dirt and grime mixed with it, allowing the carpet to dry up quickly and effectively in a very effective manner. This method prevents damage to the carpet fibres during the cleaning process.

In many ways, commercial carpet cleaning is even more important than residential carpet maintenance. The foot traffic received at office premises is several times more than that received in an average home. Professional Carpet Cleaners come on Pre-Inspections to judge the carpet fabric, texture, colour factors. The choice of carpet cleaning solutions/detergents/emulsifiers and the pH content are very important to retain the overall quality of the carpet. The cleaning methodologies to be used are another important decisive factor. Professional carpet Cleaners are adequately skilled and certified to handle the most stringent form of carpet dirt.