Bonnet Cleaning for Domestic Carpets

Bonnet Cleaning for Domestic Carpets

Bonnet cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning which involves minimum moisture. It consists of a cotton, rayon pad and a rotating shampoo machine. It is one of the simplest and effective methods of Professional carpet cleaning.

3 Effective techniques of Bonnet cleaning

  1. The first method involves spraying sufficient amount of detergent solution onto the problem area and let the fibres of the carpet to saturate. If required more solution can be poured in based on the severity of the stain which perhaps may increase the drying time but needs to be done to get desired results.

  2. The second method involves the use of the rotary shampoo machine and a moistened rayon pad. The rotating pad is used to thoroughly agitate and remove the soil particles. During the process, the bonnet pad keeps absorbing these dirt residues. Therefore the pads should be cleaned and replaced on regular intervals. If not taken care, the saturated bonnet pad could actually end up transferring the soil back to the carpet pad.

  3. In the third procedure is particularly effective in cases where the rayon pad and the detergents may not be completely effective in removing the soil particles. In such situations, a thorough vacuuming by professional carpet cleaners may be required when the carpet gets dry so that the remaining dirt can be removed.

In all the above procedures, the initial applications of cleaning agents and pre-conditioner are important so that the dirt starts loosening up.

Steps of Bonnet Cleaning Method

The following steps should be followed when using the Bonnet method:

  • Proper vacuuming techniques should be used to clean the problem area thoroughly.

  • Apply a high quality preconditioner and allow it to dwell on the surface so the dirt loosens up. If the problem is severe the quantity of preconditioner applied should be more.

  • Prepare of carpet cleaning solution as per the manufacturer’s directions. The solution must be prepared wisely as too concentrated solution may lead to resoiling and mixing too little may not be effective for the cleaning purpose.

  • Apply the solution to a small area to be agitated before it dries.

  • Operate the rotary shampoo machine over the area.

  • Walking should be avoided on the already cleaned area.

  • A side to side motion should be used in cleaning the area. It is necessary to allow rotation pad to remain on the problem area for longer periods. Excessive friction must be taken care of as it may damage the carpet fibres.

Limitations of Bonnet Cleaning

  • Bonnet carpet cleaning has proved favourable for several years but recently it has been replaced by the extraction or the encapsulation as the preferred choice of method primarily because the later leaves too much residue in the carpet fibre.

  • It does not allow rinsing which helps in resoiling of sooner

  • The carpet gets distorted if an experienced user uses the wrong brush on the wrong fibres.

Benefits of Bonnet Cleaning

  • Wide variety of competing chemicals can be used for a specific fibre or soil.

  • Longer dwell time helps in the loosening of the soil particles and helps in effective and efficient cleaning

  • High agitation helps to release more soils than other methods.

  • The small amount of water required also favours water conservation considerations.

Arguably, Bonnet cleaning is not the best method for removing dirt from the carpet. It’s essentially an effective method for cleaning your rugged fibre with less use of water, comparatively faster drying time and quick cleaning.