Residential Carpet Cleaning

We acquire cleanliness routine as a part of our life. We have children, pets, and guests and so on, visiting the carpet, tampering it, stepping it, rolling on it and that makes the carpet in dreadful need of tinge removal and require a thorough cleaning more frequently.

Is Your Carpet Really Dirty

Parties, get-together and various other social functions at home cannot be neglected. And hence the probability of your floor rug or carpet getting immensely dirty is also profound. During such times, the carpet receives the most number of footfalls. Similarly carpet cleaning should not be neglected too. It is our duty to keep it clean and tidy.

Why Should You Clean Your Carpet

Carpets should be cleaned before it shows sign of wear and tear. You carpet’s lifespan can be substantially shortened and cause your carpet to break-down prematurely when deep-down soil settles to the base of your carpet fibres.

Kids are one important factor responsible in making your carpet dirty. Foot stains, food particles, grime and dirt are more prevalent. And, if you have pet, carpets are the target for them too. Furs, dust, dander, urine, etc., these require a professional attention. Allergens and bacteria are the breeding ground amidst such carpet dirt and dust. So if you have kids at home, this could be a potential cause of health issues.

We recommended you to opt for a professional carpet cleaning. If you want to prolong the life of your carpet, it is important to have it professionally scrubbed at least once in a year. Many carpet manufacturers exclusively mention steam cleaning technique as the preferred technique for maintaining the carpet. This enters deep into the fibres and lifts out the dirt and the many pollutants we carry in our shoes.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning can be very useful for your carpet, though attempts to carry out such methodologies with professional aid could literally backfire. Professional steam cleaning uses a powerful machine or a vacuum attached to a vehicle. Machines are used to spray detergents on to the carpet. Pressurized hot water jet is sprayed onto the carpet – alkaline for synthetic carpets and acidic cleansers for wool or natural fibre carpets. The excess water is then sucked up using vacuum pumps.

Dry Cleaning could be an alternative

Dry clean could involve significantly less water and would therefore need less time to dry off. This methodology involves, spraying of dry cleaning chemicals and chemical solvents. These chemicals are collectively responsible for breaking down of the dirt and grime. A small amount of moisture is then used as a cleaning solution.
A Pre-Inspection is Necessary

A carpet is unhealthy, if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. Carpet act as a filter, which makes it collect soils, pollens, insecticides, exhaust, etc. that get accumulated because of us and our visitors. Therefore, to create a healthy indoor environment, we should take a good care of our carpets. A pre-inspection is necessary to judge the fibre, material, texture and colour of the carpet. The amount of dirt and stain accumulated is a decisive factor on what kind of cleaning solution needs to be used.